Opt-Diss 410™

In-Situ Fiber Optic UV Testing: Dissolution Testing Has Never Been Easier!

No more sampling! Save time, labor and money with the Opt-Diss 410 by making your dissolution lab more efficient  while simultaneously giving your dissolution stakeholders more information than previously possible.

In-Situ Measurement

The Opt-Diss 410 measures directly in the vessel, eliminating tubing, filtering and other issues
associated with conventional sampling. Moving light
into the vessel rather than pumping the liquid out
allows for near real-time  data acquisitions and nearly limitless sample points (up to 1200 time points). All
while requiring no complicated manifolds, media return, or tedious volume correction calculations.

  • Simplest, Most Efficient Dissolution Testing
    Ease of system setup and the near real-time
    dissolution data acquisition means the complete dissolution report  only takes as long as the actual dissolution run.
  • Rapid Data Collection
    Acquisition speeds as fast as 5 seconds for all
  • Routine Collection of Complete Profiles
    Collecting near real-time dissolution profiles is ideal
    for formulators to understand complicated release dynamics as it occurs.
  • Multicomponent Analysis Software
    The use of state of the art software makes it possible
    to easily quantify two components at once, without
    the need for chromatographic separation.  This means the speed and ease UV measurement can now be applied to an even broader class of products with two APIs or  interfering component like excipients,
    coatings, capsules, etc., without the need for time consuming HPLC analysis.

  • The Opt-Diss 410 Advantage

    What makes the Opt-Diss 410 the best fiber optic UV system is the optimized components fully integrated into one, simple to use solution. These components include:

  • Stationary ARCH Probes
    Designed specifically for dissolution testing, the
    patented probes virtually eliminate the entrapment of bubbles and particles that plague other fiber systems. The ARCH probes small hydrodynamic cross section also alleviates the need for a complicated raising and lowering sampling manifold.
  • Single Detector with No Moving Parts
    The Opt-Diss 410 uses a scientific 2-D CCD multichannel detector and spectrograph that allow for
    the acquisition of the entire spectral range (200 to 400 nm) from all vessels simultaneously with one detector. This eliminates the inter-channel variability
    encountered with multi-detector systems or other
    single detector systems that require a  multiplexer.
  • Optimized for Distek Baths, but Compatible with Others
    Full system integration and single software control means seamless integration with a Distek dissolution system while still allowing integration with most other brands without the need for additional hardware.

Application Notes

  • Acetaminophen (500 mg)
    In-situ UV Fiber Optic measurement of Acetaminophen (500mg) in DI Water using the Opt-Diss.
  • Dimenhydrinate (50 mg)
    In-situ UV Fiber Optic measurement of Dimenhydrinate (50 mg) in DI Water using the Opt-Diss.
  • Ibuprofen (400 mg)
    In-situ UV Fiber Optic measurement of Ibuprofen (400mg) in Phosphate Buffer, pH 7.2 using the Opt-Diss.