VIP 4400

Dissolution Vessel Washer

The VIP 4400 addresses one of the most time consuming and least productive aspects of the
dissolution test: Dissolution Vessel clean-up. Customers employing the VIP 4400 are guaranteed
to save time, reduce cost and increase the output of the dissolution laboratory by eliminating the tedious process of removing, draining and cleaning dissolution vessels.

  • Patented "Cyclone" Wash
    The “Cyclone” wash nozzle and drain have been
    integrated into one assembly offering a 360 degree
    wash that provides a more thorough cleaning of the
    entire vessel that takes only 30-45 seconds.
  • Self-Adjusting Drain
    The spring loaded, self-adjusting drain automatically
    compensates for vessel height variations, minimizing
    residual wash water remaining in the vessel after
  • Universal Wash Module
    Securely fits into any 1 liter USP conforming
    dissolution vessel regardless of the manufacturer.
  • Cleans up to 4 Baths
    Cleans up to 28, 1 Liter vessels in under 15 minutes.
  • Rapid Drain & Wash Cycles
    Throughput is greatly increased as the VIP 4400
    can drain and wash a 1 Liter vessel in approximately
    30 seconds

Distek's Dissolution Efficiency Package

The Distek Dissolution Efficiency Package combines the compact design of the ezfill 4500 Dissolution Media Preparation station with the full-cleaning capability of the VIP 4400 in-situ Vessel Washer to create a cost-savings, portable and efficient dissolution solution.

When the systems are purchased together along with the necessary accessories*, a discount will be applied to the total purchase price.

*Remote Dispense Nozzle, Mobile Cart, Heated Rinse Tank, and Shaft Rinse.

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