Model 2500 Select

Bathless Dissolution Instrument

Offering maximum flexibility and configurability, the Distek Model 2500 Select - Bathless Dissolution System succeeds three generations of patented bathless technology. A brilliant touch screen and unparalleled command of the instrument with electronic tracking of serialized stirring elements, qualification status and due dates and extensive reporting and method storage capabilities make this a robust and reliable system.

  • Patented Bathless Technology
    Eliminates the water bath and all associated maintenance while heater jackets raise media temperatures from ambient to 37°C in less than 15 minutes with a high temperature capability of
    up to 99°C.
  • Wireless In-Shaft Temperature Sensors
    “Patent Pending” wireless temperature sensors
    control and monitor the temperature.

    - Continuously monitor and display the in-vessel
    temperature for each vessel
    - Eliminate additional labor to measure temperature
    and ensure temperature compliance throughout the
    dissolution test
  • Color Touch Screen Display
    The icon driven user interface lowers overall cost
    by reducing training time and user errors while
    maximizing productivity and command of the
    dissolution test.
  • Serialized Component Tracking
    er and track all serialized components including; paddles, baskets, basket adapters, shafts
    and vessels.
  • Electronic Qualification Guidance
    Electronic qualification alerts eliminate oversights and ensures maximum uptime and instrument availability.
  • Quick Change Paddles and Baskets
    Interchangeable stirring elements coupled with
    the automatic height adjustment provide a fast
    transition between Apparatus 1 and 2 without
    having to remove the shaft.
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