Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are Distek's best advertisements.


We are a small company with tight budgets.  This being said, we continue to renew our services with Distek because of the quality of the service technicians.  We feel that their product knowledge and willingness to teach the nuances of the equipment is value added for us rather than seeking third party alternatives.

Stephen M.., Director, Massachusetts

My overall experience with Distek has been excellent, from customer and technical support to the design, quality and reliability of the instruments. Our lab uses almost exclusively Distek instruments as they are preferred by the laboratory analysts due to their reliability and ease of use.

Tereza L., Manager, New Jersey

I have used other dissolution equipment and have now found Distek to be superior. I am very pleased with the performance for the equipment. I will buy more units to replace older and other vendor equipment and it will definitely be Distek.

Robert S., Manager and End User, Alabama

We have all Distek products in our lab: dissolution baths, media prep, and vessel washer. We are very pleased with the products, especially the vessel washer and its quietness. Please keep up the good work. Also, the technical services staff and sales rep are very helpful and knowledgable. Distek is the number one choice when considering our lab's dissolution apparatus.

Anh P., End User, Maryland

Distek equipment is easy to operate and the training provided
by service representatives is very good. Distek is #1 for dissolution equipment and it provides advanced technology.

Kanta S., Manager, New Jersey

Distek's new technology is fast efficient, energy saving, environmentally clean and meets all compliance requirements. I am very satisfied with the calibration services, IQ, OQ, and PQ during installation conducted as per company requirements.

Dilip S., Manager, New York

I have become known as the "dissolution queen" around my department; I have won back clients for my company by utilizing the autosampler with the dissolution units at their full capacity, with accurate deliverance and quality values.

Katherine C., End User, Missouri

I highly recommend the ezfill to associates involved in dissolution. The ezfill is a wonderful, cost and time saving device. It is an easy addition to any laboratory with little training needed. It also ensures proper degassing of media - critical to dissolution and normally hard to achieve. And takes up very little space.

Jennifer D., Purchase Influencer, Minnesota